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This species is accepted, and its native range is Thailand to Malesia.
A specimen from Kew's Herbarium

Native to:

Borneo, Jawa, Lesser Sunda Is., Malaya, Maluku, Philippines, Sulawesi, Sumatera, Thailand

Dioscorea filiformis Blume appears in other Kew resources:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
Jan 1, 2012 Nguyen, V.D. et al. [HNK-1810], Vietnam K000524334
Jan 1, 2012 Nguyen, V.D. et al. [HNK-1697], Vietnam K000524335
Jan 1, 2012 Nguyen, V.D. et al. [HNK-1697], Vietnam K000524382
Wallich, N. [5105 B], Malaysia K000098242 holotype
Wallich, N. [5105 B], Malaysia K000098243 Unknown type material
Wallich, N. [5105 B], Malaysia K000098244 Unknown type material
Wallich, N. [5105 B], Malaysia K000098245 Unknown type material
Zollinger, H. [2528], Jawa K000098321 kleptotype
Henderson, M.R. [19418], Malaysia K000809529
Wilkin, P. [904], Thailand K000809550
Wilkin, P. [904], Thailand K000809551
Wilkin, P. [906], Thailand K000809552
Wilkin, P. [1057], Thailand K000809558
Phuong, V.X. [HNK 598], Vietnam K000809569
Burkill, H.M. [6340], Malaysia K001143250
Holttum, R.E. [19418], Singapore K001143255
Haniff, M. [3868], Thailand K001143951
Ramos, M. [22266], Philippines K001144817
Wilde, W.J.J.O. de [14393], Indonesia K000809570
s.coll [7266], Indonesia K001144435
Bermejos, J. [330], Philippines K001144813
Phuong, V.X. [HNK 598], Vietnam K000809568
Haniff, M. [7098], Malaysia K000809536
s.coll [2612], Malaysia K001143241
Henderson, M.R. [22882], Malaysia K000809534
Meyer, E.H.F. [s.n.], Indonesia K001144437
Ramos, M. [43137], Philippines K001144815
Holttum, R.E. [17412], Malaysia K000809535
s.coll [s.n.] K001144432
Henderson, M.R. [19418], Malaysia K001143246
Loher, A. [7009], Philippines K001144814
Henderson, M.R. [19418], Malaysia K000809528
Loher, A. [1884], Philippines K001144808
Burkill, H.M. [6364], Malaysia K001143252
Haniff, M. [7473], Thailand K000809541
Wilkin, P. [908A], Thailand K000809554
Put [1086], Thailand K000809542
Clemens, J. [21819], Malaysia K001144438
Koorders, S.H. [27728B], Indonesia K001144428
Wilkin, P. [1028], Thailand K000809560
Wilkin, P. [896], Thailand K000809547
Wilkin, P. [1056], Thailand K000809556
Wilkin, P. [916], Thailand K000809544
s.coll [3929], Philippines K001144811
Haniff, M. [645], Malaysia K001143242
Wilkin, P. [T966], Thailand K000809565
Wilkin, P. [1044], Thailand K001143953
Bermejos, J. [209], Philippines K001144812
Burkill, H.M. [4417], Malaysia K001143248
Burkill, H.M. [989], Malaysia K000809530
Wilkin, P. [1093], Thailand K000809563
Wilkin, P. [916], Thailand K000809543
Wilde, W.J.J.O. de [13869], Indonesia K000809571
Merrill, E.D. [857], Philippines K001144818
s.coll [8275], Indonesia K001144434
Merrill, E.D. [8120], Philippines K001144816
Burkill, I.H. [12438], Malaysia K001143245
Wilkin, P. [1037], Thailand K000809564
Holttum, R.E. [9622], Malaysia K001143253
Wilkin, P. [906], Thailand K000809548
Burkill, H.M. [6353], Malaysia K001143251
Wilkin, P. [1059], Thailand K000809566
Burkill, H.M. [4417], Malaysia K001143249
Loher, A. [1888], Philippines K001144810
Haniff, M. [7098], Malaysia K000809537
Wilkin, P. [1028], Thailand K000809561
Wilkin, P. [904], Thailand K000809549
Haniff, M. [3623], Thailand K001143950
Wilkin, P. [T967], Thailand K000809559
Holttum, R.E. [9622], Malaysia K001143254
s.coll [38152B] K001144431
Wilkin, P. [1058], Thailand K000809567
Charoenphol, C. [3565], Thailand K000809545
Wilkin, P. [1056], Thailand K000809555
Reillo, J. [19200], Philippines K001144809
Wilkin, P. [1057], Thailand K000809557
Jones, B.L. [212], Malaysia K000809572
Henderson, M.R. [22377], Malaysia K000809531
Henderson, M.R. [19418], Singapore K001143247
Koorders, S.H. [40937B], Indonesia K001144429
Put [1299], Thailand K000809540
Haniff, M. [7059], Malaysia K000809538
Wilkin, P. [906], Thailand K000809553
Furtado, C.X. [s.n.], Singapore K001143244
Wilkin, P. [1044], Thailand K001143954
s.coll [s.n.] K001144436
Haniff, M. [3623], Thailand K000809539
Haniff, M. [645], Malaysia K001143243
Wilkin, P. [1038], Thailand K000809562
Furtado, C.X. [16765], Singapore K001143256
Haniff, M. [7059], Malaysia K000809533
Furtado, C.X. [s.n.], Singapore K001143257
Nur bin Mohamed Ghose, M. [18860], Malaysia K000809532
Jones, B.L. [212], Malaysia K000809573
Wilkin, P. [896], Thailand K000809546
Cuming, H. [547], Philippines Dioscorea myriantha K000098354

First published in Enum. Pl. Javae 1: 22 (1827)

Accepted by

  • Govaerts, R. (2000). World Checklist of Seed Plants Database in ACCESS D: 1-30141.
  • Govaerts, R., Wilkin, P. & Saunders, R.M.K. (2007). World Checklist of Dioscoreales. Yams and their allies: 1-65. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Wilkin, P. & Thapyai, C. (2009). Flora of Thailand 10(1): 1-140. The Forest Herbarium, National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, Bangkok.

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