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This species is accepted, and its native range is South Sudan (Imatong Mountains) to Malawi.
A specimen from Kew's Herbarium


Dracenaceae, Geoffrey Mwachala & Paul Mbugua, Flora of Tropical East Africa. 2007

Morphology General Habit
Shrub or tree, 2–12 m high, sometimes straggling; stem to 25 cm in diameter, branches few, arching, with a distinct pattern of horseshoe-shaped leaf-scars
Morphology Leaves
Leaves narrowly lanceolate, sessile, 12–35 cm long, 1.5–3 cm wide, base hardly constricted and clasping, apex acute
Morphology Reproductive morphology Inflorescences
Inflorescence pendulous, paniculate, 20–60 cm long; flowers in groups of 1–3; pedicels 4–12 mm long, articulated above the middle
Morphology Reproductive morphology Flowers
Flowers white, pale green or with a purple tinge outside, somewhat translucent, 1ribbed, 15 mm long; tube 1 mm long, lobes 14 mm long, 2–3 mm wide, spreading at anthesis
Morphology Reproductive morphology Fruits
Fruits orange, globose or lobed when several-seeded, 12–20 mm in diameter; seeds dirty white, 6–9 mm in diameter.
Congo-Kinshasa, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Malawi
Rain-forest, moist forest, or bamboo forest, often forming dense stands in the understorey; 1600–2700 m
Least concern

None recorded

Native to:

Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zaïre

Dracaena afromontana Mildbr. appears in other Kew resources:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
Jan 1, 1995 Meyer, F.G. [8056], Ethiopia K000453616
May 1, 1981 Reekmans, M. [10102], Burundi K000453612
Jan 1, 1981 Friis, I. [396], Sudan K000453621
Feb 1, 1979 Baudet, J.C. [296], Burundi K000453611
Ash [1443], Ethiopia 35804.000
Drummond, R.B. [1636], Tanzania 4454.000
Humbert, H. [7622], Congo, DRC K000522582
Sangster, R.G. [474], Uganda K000523001
Thomas, A.S. [Th1441], Uganda K000523002
Eggeling, W.J. [E.3987], Uganda K000523007
Tiyoy, L.M. [1280], Uganda K000523009
Mukibi, Ag. Student [T.2627], Uganda K000523010
Fishlock [34], Uganda K000523011
Dawe, M.T. [617], Uganda K000523014
Dummer, R.A. [3604], Uganda K000523017
Graham, R.M. [Bally5021], Kenya K000523021
Haarer, A.E. [1169], Tanzania K000523022
Kenfoot, O. [3127], Tanzania K000523027
Goldblatt, P. [8236], Tanzania K000523028
Jefford, T.G. [1737], Tanzania K000523031
Stolz, A. [2428], Tanzania K000523033
Stolz, A. [2428], Tanzania K000523036
Davies, R.M. [910] K000523037
Dümmer, R.A. [1649], Kenya K000523047
Battiscombe, E. [5], Kenya K000523050
Schlieven, H.J. [12800], South Africa K000523678
Froment, D. [663], Congo K000453605
Lewalle, J. [4056], Burundi K000453610
Wilde, J.J.F.E. de [9923], Ethiopia K000453614
Mooney, H.F. [8645], Ethiopia K000453620
Myers, J.G. [10901], Sudan K000453623
Gillett, J.B. [5146], Ethiopia K000453624
Burger, W. [2930], Ethiopia K000453627
Jannerup, P.L. [0401], Tanzania K000453635
Bytebier, B. [21], Kenya K000453640
Beecher [13126], Kenya K000453651
Newbould, J. [1794], Tanzania K000453655
Oteke, J. [97], Kenya K000453644
Germain [3478], Congo, DRC K000522583
Grimshaw, J.M. [94519], Tanzania K000453653
Eggeling, W.J. [E.3987], Uganda K000204158
[Scoutes] [1721], Congo K000453607
Kesfoot, O. [715], Uganda K000522999
de Wilde, W.J.J.O. [9923], Ethiopia K000522707
Thomas, A.S. [1890], Sudan K000453622
Jefford, T.G. [1737], Tanzania K000523030
Thulin, M. [3643], Ethiopia K000453632
Dyson, W.G. [373], Kenya K000523020
Newbould, J. [2594], Tanzania K000523023
Burger, W. [2009], Ethiopia K000453634
Burtt, B.D. [3131], Congo K000453606
Eggeling, W.J. [E.3987], Uganda K000523008
Kenfoot, O. [333], Tanzania K000523029
Snowden, J.D. [1591], Uganda K000523003
Snowden, J.D. [804], Uganda K000523016
Stolz, A. [2428], Tanzania K000523035
Burger, W. [2501], Ethiopia K000453633
Mahinda. S. Game Scout [HSM139], Tanzania K000523025
Chaffey, D.R. [234], Ethiopia K000453613
Napper, D. [1045], Tanzania K000523024
Tweedie [2709], Kenya K000453645
Snowden, J.D. [804], Uganda K000523015
Napier, E.R. [2718], Kenya K000523048
Perdue, R.E. [9251], Kenya K000453641
Stolz, A. [2428], Tanzania K000523032
Mbago, F.M. [2239], Tanzania K000453656
Friis, I. [1832], Ethiopia K000453626
Brasnett, N.V. [1356], Kenya K000523049
Greenway, P.J. [12121], Tanzania K000453652
Dawe, M.T. [617], Uganda K000523013
Kenfoot, O. [2705], Kenya K000453648
Pole Evans, I.B. [1694], Uganda K000523006
Ruffo [2871], Tanzania K000523026
Sangster, R.G. [474], Uganda K000523000
Lewalle, J. [1511], Burundi K000522584
Perdue, R.E. [6407], Ethiopia K000453631
Richards, H.M. [12196], Tanzania K000453657
Lye, K.A. [23128], Uganda K000453642
Snowden, J.D. [261], Uganda K000523012
Liebenberg, L.C.C. [877], Uganda K000522998
Maas Geesteranus, R.A. [5362], Kenya K000453639
Brummond, R.B. [D. & H.1636], Tanzania K000523034
Ash, J. [1443], Ethiopia K000453629
Perdue, R.E. [6407], Ethiopia K000453630
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Scott Elliot, G.F. [8009], Uganda K000523005
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Bally [4139], Kenya K000453650
Humbert, H. [7622], Congo, DRC K000453604
Mooney, H.F. [6241], Ethiopia K000453617
Thomas, A.S. [Th2361], Uganda K000522997
Bally, P.R.O. [B5615], Kenya K000523018
Maas Geesteranus, R.A. [5649], Kenya K000453638
Kenfoot, O. [2952], Kenya K000453647
Troupin, G. [16028], Rwanda K000453608
van Someren [6016], Kenya K000523046
Perdue, R.E. [8441], Uganda K000453643
Mooney, H.F. [6675], Ethiopia K000453619
Bally [4973], Kenya K000453646
Luke, W.R.Q. [7752], Tanzania K000453636

First published in Wiss. Erg. Deut. Zentr.-Afr. Exped., Bot. 2: 62 (1910)

Accepted by

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Flora of Tropical East Africa
Flora of Tropical East Africa

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