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This species is accepted, and its native range is E. Himalaya to W. Malesia.
Dioscorea pyrifolia

Native to:

Assam, Borneo, Cambodia, East Himalaya, Jawa, Malaya, Sumatera, Thailand, Vietnam

Dioscorea pyrifolia Kunth appears in other Kew resources:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
Nov 25, 2013 Nurainas, A.R. et al [2530], Indonesia K000499579
Cumming [2314], Malaysia K000098257 isotype
Kuntze, C.E.O. [5217] K000098330
Gadoh anak Umbai [1773], Malaysia K001143345
Nur bin Mohamed Ghose, M. [32956], Malaysia K001143348
Nur bin Mohamed Ghose, M. [3790], Malaysia K001143354
Burkill, I.H. [6553], Malaysia K001143358
Nur bin Mohamed Ghose, M. [2209], Malaysia K001143375
Burkill, I.H. [3120], Malaysia K001143377
Burkill, I.H. [2277], Malaysia K001143394
Burkill, I.H. [122], Malaysia K001143409
Nur bin Mohamed Ghose, M. [s.n.], Singapore K001143410
Burkill, I.H. [2033], Singapore K001143420
Riswan, S. [B-90] K001144511
Fidilis [113106], Malaysia K001144556
Mantor, A. [139608], Malaysia K001144557
Jimpin, S. [112982], Malaysia K001144559
Soibeh, D. [417], Malaysia K001144579
Aban, G. [95203], Malaysia K001144580
Gibot, A. [90011], Malaysia K001144582
Sigun, A.A. [126954], Malaysia K001144585
Patrick [57496], Malaysia K001144587
Clemens, J. [26143], Malaysia K001144608
Herb Maingay, A.C. [1702], Malaysia K001143379
Burkill, I.H. [1503], Malaysia K001143362
Haniff, M. [2473], Malaysia K001143352
Burkill, I.H. [3528], Malaysia K001143398
Burkill, I.H. [1504], Malaysia K001143363
Gibot, A. [90013], Malaysia K001144551
Burkill, I.H. [2033], Singapore K001143417
Herb. Griffith [5562], Malaysia K001143380
Vogel, E.F. de [6729], Indonesia K001144592
Jimpin, S. [118644], Malaysia K001144568
Wilkin, P. [823], Thailand K001144154
Chan, Y.C. [13164], Malaysia K001143365
Nur bin Mohamed Ghose, M. [s.n.], Singapore K001143413
Aban, G. [95203], Malaysia K001144581
Burkill, I.H. [3530], Malaysia K001143397
Burkill, I.H. [456], Malaysia K001143393
Nangkat, N. [66], Brunei K001144541
Niyomdham, C. [1189], Thailand K001144155
Burkill, I.H. [2201], Malaysia K001143388
Aban, G. [89933], Malaysia K001144570
Krispinus, F. [86672], Malaysia K001144552
s.coll [3199], Malaysia K001143404
Lugas, L. [1259], Malaysia K001144577
Burkill, I.H. [456], Malaysia K001143387
Nur bin Mohamed Ghose, M. [2294], Malaysia K001143368
Burkill, I.H. [3037], Malaysia K001143392
Abas, A.N. [90251], Malaysia K001144555
Aban, G. [89933], Malaysia K001144569
King's collector [2370], Malaysia K001143355
Burkill, I.H. [131], Singapore K001143412
Dransfield, J. [7288], Brunei K001144537
Nur bin Mohamed Ghose, M. [s.n.], Singapore K001143418
Burkill, I.H. [6558], Malaysia K001143359
Burkill, I.H. [2186], Malaysia K001143401
Kostermans [7057] K001144522
s.coll [s.n.], Malaysia K001143349
Sidiyasa, K. [1486], Indonesia K001144525
Ashton, P.S. [965], Brunei K001144536
Gibot, A. [90011], Malaysia K001144583
Burkill, I.H. [1507], Malaysia K001143364
Jones, B.L. [202], Malaysia K001144501
Teruya, Z. [1620] K001144506
Burkill, H.M. [2246], Malaysia K001143406
Balgooy van [4608], Indonesia K001144594
Sands, M.J.S. [5500], Brunei K001144538
Burkill, I.H. [2799], Malaysia K001143395
Wilkin, P. [826], Thailand K001144156
Chin, S.C. [3283], Malaysia K001143378
Burkill, I.H. [3199], Malaysia K001143403
Wilkin, P. [823], Thailand K001144153
Riswan, S. [B-90] K001144510
Achmad [894], Indonesia K001144507
s.coll [1369], Malaysia K001143346
Burkill, I.H. [2034], Singapore K001143414
Meijer, W. [5265], Indonesia K001144609
Ashton, P.S. [965], Brunei K001144535
Coode, M.J.E. [6978], Brunei K001144540
Ridley, H.N. [s.n.], Malaysia K001143351
Burkill, I.H. [2191], Malaysia K001143400
Fidilis [121848], Malaysia K001144567
Burkill, I.H. [3529], Malaysia K001143396
Shea, G. [26242], Indonesia K001144521
King's collector [800], Malaysia K001143353
Burkill, I.H. [2777], Malaysia K001143356
Lugas, L. [1605], Malaysia K001144578
Abas, A.N. [86047], Malaysia K001144575
Amin [121425], Malaysia K001144589
Burkill, I.H. [2048], Malaysia K001143384
Middleton, D.J. [1015], Thailand K001144151
Teruya, Z. [198], Malaysia K001143416
Eyma [3993], Indonesia K001144610
Nur bin Mohamed Ghose, M. [2287], Malaysia K001143372
Kostermans [4708] K001144523
Vogel de [6729], Indonesia K001144593
Sumbing, J. [128417], Malaysia K001144565
Kurz, S. [s.n.], India K001142671
Burkill, I.H. [1506], Malaysia K001143361
Madani, L. [92032], Malaysia K001144584
Wilkin, P. [823], Thailand K001144157
Koorders [24191ß], Indonesia K001144515
s.coll [11842], Singapore K001143411
Herb Helfer, J.W. [5558], Myanmar K001142669
Aban [81109], Malaysia K001144586
Burkill, I.H. [2047], Malaysia K001143385
Grimes, J. [1194], Indonesia K001144590
Amin, G. [100210], Malaysia K001144571
Ridley, H.N. [s.n.], Malaysia K001143376
Burkill, I.H. [2045], Malaysia K001143386
Achmad [894], Indonesia K001144508
Sigun, A.A. [132231], Malaysia K001144558
Burkill, I.H. [1502], Malaysia K001143344
Burkill, I.H. [1500], Singapore K001143419
Nur bin Mohamed Ghose, M. [2210], Malaysia K001143366
Nur bin Mohamed Ghose, M. [2284], Malaysia K001143371
Herb Maingay, A.C. [1705], Malaysia K001143381
Burkill, I.H. [2276], Malaysia K001143390
Amin, A. [115578], Malaysia K001144573
Burkill, I.H. [1509], Malaysia K001143357
Amin, G. [100210], Malaysia K001144572
Ridley, H.N. [s.n.], Malaysia K001143360
Burkill, H.M. [2246], Malaysia K001143407
Amin [121425], Malaysia K001144588
Burkill, I.H. [1161], Malaysia K001143374
Kessler [300], Indonesia K001144524
Meijer, W. [2505] K001144520
Gibot, A. [99895], Malaysia K001144576
Amin, A. [115486], Malaysia K001144563
Burkill, I.H. [3037], Malaysia K001143389
Burkill, I.H. [2191], Malaysia K001143399
Nur bin Mohamed Ghose, M. [1624], Malaysia K001143370
Nur bin Mohamed Ghose, M. [2294], Malaysia K001143373
Sigun, A.A. [102562], Malaysia K001144553
Coode, M.J.E. [6978], Brunei K001144539
Lee, Y.F. [69219], Malaysia K001144574
Burkill, I.H. [2275], Malaysia K001143391
Kerr, A.F.G. [16514], Thailand K001144150
Burkill, I.H. [2034], Singapore K001143415
s.coll. [Cat. no. s.n.], Singapore K001132587
Bartlett, H.H. [6933], Indonesia K001144509
Kurz [5105], India K001142670
s.coll [11190], Malaysia K001143408
Mantor, A. [121857], Malaysia K001144566
Kessler [P.K.844], Indonesia K001144519
Burkill, I.H. [1163], Malaysia K001143367
Burkill, I.H. [2202], Malaysia K001143402
Nur bin Mohamed Ghose, M. [32652], Malaysia K001143347
Wilkin, P. [826], Thailand K001144152
Burkill, I.H. [122], Malaysia K001143405
King's collector [8376], Malaysia K001143350
Burkill, I.H. [2046], Malaysia K001143383
Amin [60034], Malaysia K001144564
Vogel de [6727], Indonesia K001144591

First published in Enum. Pl. 5: 384 (1850)

Accepted by

  • Govaerts, R. (2000). World Checklist of Seed Plants Database in ACCESS D: 1-30141.
  • Govaerts, R., Wilkin, P. & Saunders, R.M.K. (2007). World Checklist of Dioscoreales. Yams and their allies: 1-65. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Wilkin, P. & Thapyai, C. (2009). Flora of Thailand 10(1): 1-140. The Forest Herbarium, National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, Bangkok.


Kew Backbone Distributions

  • Chou, S., Chhnang, P. & Kim, Y. (2016). A Checklist for the Seed Plants of Cambodia: 1-272. National Institute of Biological Resources, Korea.

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