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  1. Family: Asteraceae Bercht. & J.Presl
    1. Genus: Senecio L.
      1. Senecio snowdenii Hutch.

        This species is accepted, and its native range is Uganda to Kenya (Mt. Elgon).


    Compositae, H. Beentje, C. Jeffrey & D.J.N. Hind. Flora of Tropical East Africa. 2005

    Perennial herb or subshrub 30–100 cm high, viscid; stems erect, glandular-pubescent and viscid (smelling of cinnamon), purple-tinged, leafy.
    Leaves sessile, oblong-linear to oblong-lanceolate or oblanceolate, 4.5–17 cm long, 0.5–2 cm wide, tapered to an auriculate or subauriculate ± semi-amplexicaul base, margins remotely to coarsely sinuate-denticulate, apex subacute to rounded, apiculate, light green, sticky, ± glandular-pubescent above and beneath, marcescent when old.
    Capitula radiate, erect, 1–7 in lax terminal cymes; stalks of the individual capitula glandular; involucre cylindrical, 9–16 mm long, 5–8 mm in diameter; bracts of calyculus 4–6, lax, lanceolate, 3.5–9 mm long, densely glandular; phyllaries 12–14, 8.5–14 mm long, densely glandular.
    Ray florets 10–13, golden yellow, tube 5.5–6.5 mm long, sparsely hairy, rays 10–17 mm long, 3–4 mm wide, 4–5-veined; disc florets yellow, corolla 8–10.2 mm long, tube expanded above the middle, glabrous, lobes 0.5–1 mm long.
    Achenes 3.5–4.2 mm long, ribbed, hairy; pappus 8.5–10.5 mm long, white.
    From clearings in the bamboo zone almost to the summit, in grassland or afro-alpine bushland; forms patches and can be locally common; 2700–4250 m
    K3 U3 endemic to Mt Elgon



    Native to:

    Kenya, Uganda


    Other Data

    Senecio snowdenii Hutch. appears in other Kew resources:

    Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
    Gillett, J.B. [18460], Kenya K000312071
    Adamson, J. [460], Kenya K000312075
    Thomas, A.S. [Th2681], Uganda K000312058
    Thomas, A.S. [Th563], Uganda K000312061
    Townsend, C.C. [2328], Kenya K000312073
    Mabberley, D.J. [446], Kenya K000312069
    Hedberg, O. [4455], Uganda K000312064
    Hedberg, O. [227], Kenya K000312070
    Gardner, H.M. [2268], Kenya K000312074
    Mwangangi, O.M. [320], Kenya K000312068
    Snowden, J.D. [463] K000311532
    Lugard, C. [371], Kenya K000312072
    Battiscombe, E. [671], Uganda K000312065
    Liebenberg, L.C.C. [1579], Uganda K000312059
    Dummer, R.A [3323] K000311533
    Lye, K.A. [23053], Uganda K000312053
    Tothill, J.D. [T2451], Uganda K000312060
    Smith, S.A.L. [175], Kenya K000312067
    Wesche, K. [1051], Uganda K000312054
    Wesche, K. [4], Uganda K000312055
    Rose, F. [10212], Uganda K000312063
    Saundy, W. [35], Uganda K000312057
    Saundy, W. [s.n], Uganda K000312066
    Tothill, B.T. [T2314], Uganda K000312056


    First published in Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1920: 24 (1920)

    Accepted by

    • Roskov Y. & al. (eds.) (2018). Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands.


    Flora of Tropical East Africa

    • Agnew, A.D.Q. & Agnew, S., Upland Kenya Wild Flowers, ed. 2: 222 (1994).
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    • Hutch. in Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information, Kew 1920: 24 (1920).


    Flora of Tropical East Africa
    Flora of Tropical East Africa

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