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  1. Family: Asteraceae Bercht. & J.Presl
    1. Genus: Senecio L.
      1. Senecio moorei R.E.Fr.

        This species is accepted, and its native range is Kenya to Uganda.


    Compositae, H. Beentje, C. Jeffrey & D.J.N. Hind. Flora of Tropical East Africa. 2005

    Perennial woody herb or shrub 45–180 cm high; stems much branched, erect, sparsely arachnoid but glabrescent, sometimes also glandular, often purplish especially towards the base.
    Leaves oblanceolate or elliptic to narrowly oblanceolate or narrowly elliptic, 5–11.5 cm long, 0.4–3 cm wide, narrowed into a basally auriculate petioloid base, margins closely sinuate-denticulate or sinuate-serrate to coarsely acutely dentate, apex acute to obtuse, shortly apiculate, thinly arachnoid or floccose-tomentose, especially beneath, to almost glabrous, scattered-glandular beneath; auricles coarsely toothed or lobed; occasionally somewhat fleshy.
    Capitula radiate, erect, numerous in congested or less often lax terminal corymbs; stalks of the individual capitula almost glabrous to sparsely glandular, and slightly arachnoid just beneath the capitulum; involucre cylindrical, 6.5–9 mm long, 3–4.5 mm in diameter; bracts of calyculus 2–6, lanceolate, 1–4.5 mm long, acute to obtuse, sparsely arachnoid or glabrous except at the margins; phyllaries 12–15, green, dark brown or black at the tips, 6–8.5 mm long, sparsely arachnoid to glabrous.
    Ray florets bright lemon yellow to golden yellow, 11–13, tube 4–5.5 mm long, sparsely hairy, rays 6–10 mm long, 2–3.3 mm wide, 4-veined; disc florets yellow, corolla 5.5–8.3 mm long, expanded above the middle, glabrous or with a few hairs at the base, lobes 0.7–1 mm long.
    Achenes 2.5–4 mm long, ribbed, shortly sparsely hairy in the grooves; pappus 5–8 mm long.
    Open spaces in upland forest, glades in bamboo, heath zone, near swamps or moist sites, montane grassland; 1750–3500 m
    K3 K4 K5 K6 U3 not known elsewhere



    Native to:

    Kenya, Uganda

    Other Data

    Senecio moorei R.E.Fr. appears in other Kew resources:

    Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
    Gilbert, M.G. [6816], Kenya K000334302
    Glover, P.E. [1117], Kenya K000334310
    Perdue, R.E. [9282], Kenya K000334307
    Battiscombe, E. [511], Kenya K000334308
    Edwards, D.C. [65], Kenya K000334309
    Kerfoot, O. [3848], Kenya K000334303
    Kerfoot, O. [2982], Kenya K000334304
    Whittal, E. [246], Kenya K000334305
    Whittal, E. [276], Kenya K000334306
    s.coll. [s.n.] K000843718
    s.coll. [s.n.] K000843719


    First published in Acta Horti Berg. 9: 152 (1928)

    Accepted by

    • Roskov Y. & al. (eds.) (2018). Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands.


    Flora of Tropical East Africa

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    • Blundell, Wild Flow. E. Afr.: fig. 381 (1987).
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    • R.E.Fr. in Act. Hort. Berg. 9: 152 (1928).


    Flora of Tropical East Africa
    Flora of Tropical East Africa

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