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This species is accepted, and its native range is Sulawesi.


CATE Araceae, 17 Dec 2011.


Endemic to Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi, known only from the type).

General Description

Massive subarborescent pachycaul herb ca. 2.5 m high or more. Stem erect to decumbent, to 25 cm in diam., to over 1 m long. Leaves several together, held almost horizontally; petiole ca. 1.5 m long, hairy, with small white glands scattered up to upper petiole sheath, light green, sometimes with red-purple vertical tiny lines, sheathing ca. 1/3 from the base of petiole; wing of sheath out-rolled; blade cordate-sagittate, 68-95 cm long, 55-72 cm wide, leathery, dark-green, glossy and glabrous adaxially, pale green and pubescent abaxially, with undulate margin; anterior lobe 54-75 cm long with apiculate tip ca. 1 cm long; anterior costa prominent on both surfaces, glabrous adaxially, pubescent abaxially; primary veins 7-9 on each side, prominent on both surfaces, diverging at 45°-60°, with conspicuous glands in their axils, glabrous adaxially, hairy abaxially; secondary veins flush with lamina adaxially, raised and somewhat pubescent abaxially; interprimary collective veins well-defined; submarginal vein ca. 3 mm from the margin; posterior lobes 30-36 cm long, rounded; posterior costae naked in the sinus for 3-4 cm. Inflorescences clustered in the center of the leaf crown, up to 26 together; peduncle greenish, hairy, ca. 30 cm long, 1 cm diam., thickening slightly in fruit, erect, sometimes somewhat curved (but not declinate) after anthesis. Spathe ca. 17 cm long, somewhat constricted level with upper part of male zone of the spadix; lower spathe very elongate, somewhat cylindric, convolute, ca. 6 cm long, ivory with scattered reddish-purple spots concentrated near the junction of spathe and peduncle; limb boat-shaped, ca. 11 cm long, ivory, with the margins reddish-purple at the base only, greenish at tip, erect then fully reflexed at anthesis. Spadix terete, subcylindric, attenuate at the tip, slightly shorter than spathe, stipe ca. 2 mm; female zone ca. 2.5 cm long, ca. 1 cm diam.; pistils closely packed; ovary sub-globose, yellowish-green, ca. 2 mm long, unilocular, 3-5 ovules, with basal placenta; style terete, ivory, 1-1.5 mm long; stigma yellowish, turning red purple in spirit, 2- 3-lobed, lobes rounded; sterile zone ca. 4 mm long, ca. 8 mm in cliam., creamy, slightly narrower than the fertile zones; synandrodia in ca. 2 whorls, somewhat rounded to hexagonal, more or less flat-topped, ca. 1.5- 2 mm in diam.; male zone whitish, ca. 4 cm long, ca. 1 cm in diam., terete, almost completely contained within the lower spathe chamber; synandria rhombo-hexagonal, 1.5-2 mm in diam.; thecae opening through apical pores not overtopped by synconnective; synconnective somewhat impressed; appendix pale orange, about as thick as male zone, slightly over half the length of the whole spadix, tapering to a pointed tip. Fnuiting pedun.cle to ca. 40 cm long, erect; fruiting spathe ca. 9 cm long, ovoid, white with scattered elliptic horizontally aligned flecks, basipetally dehiscent and revolute revealing bright red berries (Fig. 1).


In shady lowland rain forest, near a river and in wet places with well drained soil, ca. 300 m alt.

Native to:


Alocasia megawatiae Yuzammi & A.Hay appears in other Kew resources:

First published in Aroideana 25: 70 (2002 publ. 2003)

Accepted by

  • Govaerts, R. (2004). World Checklist of Monocotyledons Database in ACCESS: 1-54382. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Kurniawan, A., Adjie, B. & Boyce, P.C. (2011). Studies on the Araceae of Sulawesi I: New taxa of Schismatoglottis and Homalomena, and a preliminary checklist and keys for Sulawesi Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica 61: 40-50.


CATE Araceae

  • , & .Hay, A. A New Species of Alocasia (Araceae) from Sulawesi. Aroideana; Journal of the International Aroid Society 25, 77 (2002).

CATE Araceae
Haigh, A., Clark, B., Reynolds, L., Mayo, S.J., Croat, T.B., Lay, L., Boyce, P.C., Mora, M., Bogner, J., Sellaro, M., Wong, S.Y., Kostelac, C., Grayum, M.H., Keating, R.C., Ruckert, G., Naylor, M.F. and Hay, A., CATE Araceae, 17 Dec 2011.

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